Locomotive is stalling.

I’ve been working for the past four hours on the Locomotive’s UVs for the main engine. I am now significantly less confident I can finish all of this in time. I’ll keep working, but I don’t know if I can guarantee what I have being all done by Tuesday. On top of that, I have an assignment due Monday for another class I need to do over the weekend…

I think I need some tips on how to UV Map more efficiently, cause what I’m doing just isn’t cutting it.


Locomotive slow-going.

I’ve decided I’ll be giving the locomotive as two separate objects to save texture space. Broken up into the main engine and the tender. I tried to get the main engine done yesterday but even after 7 hours constant work, the model’s been fighting me every step of the way. I currently have no screenshots o fit, but I have the boiler shell done in large part, the beginnings of the cab, the drive wheels and pilot trucks, the pistons, and the driving rods all done.


EDIT: Progress on the Main Engine is now going smoothly, as of now, it’s at a hefty 1335 polygons. The cab is almost done, the smokestack is done, the base of the sand dome is done, the boiler shell is done, the beginnings of where the cowcatcher will be is done.

Here’s a screenshot.

In These Words Three

Here I have 3 words. Three, simple, words. Pretty insignificant right? Well. There’s a hidden secret to these words that you can’t see….Except in HTML!


Copy and paste the below text into this HTML Editor and find the secret for yourself!




Unstoppable <!is> <!my> <!might.> <br>
Immoveable <!is> <!my> <!resolve.> <br>
Strength <!is> <!my> <!binding> <!creed.> <br>



I think these kinds of poems are pretty cool, if a bit impractical and daunting at first (if only because it seems so complicated in the beginning…) Though it’s a pretty cool way to send messages to HMTL savvy friends too.